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Presidential candidates shouldn’t pick the vice president. Voters should.

The Washington Post – May 29, 2019

Rumors swirled this spring that Joe Biden considered naming a running mate at the start of his campaign. To his supporters, the move was vintage Biden: a bold step toward transparency in an opaque process. To Biden critics, the move felt like a stunt.

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2020 Ballots May Have a New Box to Check ー Vice President

Cheddar – May 20, 2019

Although shows like ‘VEEP’ have depicted the role of the vice president of the United States as that of a figurehead, or more bluntly, a runner-up to the big job in the White House, wants people to consider the importance of an independently elected second-in-command.

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New Movement Proposes Separate Voting for President and Vice President of the United States

BYU Radio – May 13, 2019

Julie Rose of BYU Radio interviews David Blake, co-founder of on a new movement collecting signatures to have vice presidents elected separately in the US.

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Interview with co-founder, David Blake

610 KONA  – May 7, 2019

The Bottom Line interviews co-founder, David Blake.

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Interview with co-founder, David Blake

BBC Radio 5 – May 7, 2019

Rhod Sharp interviews co-founder, David Blake on a campaign for the next vice president of the United States. 

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Interview with co-founder, David Blake

CBS News Radio – May 7, 2019

CBS Radio News interviews co-founder, David Blake on the movement to democratically elect the next vice president. 

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Press Release: Announces National Advocacy Campaign to Democratically Elect Vice-presidential Candidates – May 6, 2019

The 50-state political initiative will gather signatures from voters who want to reclaim constitutional right to choose the vice president in 2020.

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Should We Vote For Vice President Separately? Says Yes

Election Central – May 6, 2019

None of us are alive to remember, but there was a time when President and Vice President were selected independently from one another within the Electoral College.

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A Separate Election For Vice-President?

Outside the Beltway – May 6, 2019

A seemingly out-of-the-blue political movement is arguing in favor of independent election of Vice-Presidents.

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A Separate Election For The VP?

Hot Air – May 6, 2019

We’ve seen plenty of protest movements lately seeking to change the way we handle national elections.

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New effort launches to democratically elect the vice president in 2020

ABC News – May 5, 2019

There’s a national push for voters to elect the U.S. vice president separately from the president., is a campaign that seeks to create a separate and independent ballot line for the vice president in 2020.

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Tech executive puts $1 million into campaign to elect vice presidents differently

CNBC – April 3, 2019

A San Francisco executive who co-founded education tech platform Degreed is behind a national campaign to change the way U.S. vice presidents are selected.

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A campaign to elect the US vice president separately

KCBS – April 29, 2019

There is a nationwide push to elect the Vice President of the United States separately from the President. KCBS’s Margie Shafer reports on the effort at

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The campaign for the vice presidency

CBS News – April 27, 2019

New group seeks to change how Americans vote for the vice president. 

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Why this advocacy group wants you to choose the Vice President in 2020

Yahoo Finance Video – April 26, 2019

David Blake, Vice.Run Co-Founder, joins Zack Guzman, Yahoo Finance’s Sibile Marcellus, along with Independent Forum Board Member, Nan Hayworth to discuss the national campaign that is seeking to remind Americans of their constitutional right.

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Dump the running mate? SF tech exec funds campaign to elect VPs separately

San Francisco Chronicle – April 25, 2019

David Blake wants voters, not the presidential candidates, to choose the country’s next vice president. He’s put up $1 million of his own money to try to make that happen.

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